Powder Coating… Glass

I am a serial collector of hobbies and am proud to come from a long line of serial collector of hobbies  Recently, along with two other hobby collectors, we created an informal group to explore tools and techniques in unique ways. We call ourselves the Wacky Wednesday Wizards. Shall we say 3Dub for short?

We are all members at TechShop in Round Rock and each bring a different set of skills to the group. The purpose of our initial “play day” was to conquer powder coating as we had each learned to use the equipment but had never come in to accomplish anything outside of the class. I had a specific project in mind, which I will share at a later date. However, Alecia of Fairytale Threads, wanted to powder coat some glass. If you are familiar with powder coating, you’d be thinking this is impossible as the powder is applied electrostatically so the item that is being powder coated needs to be conductive.

Thanks to some research and creativity we spent 3 weeks working on the process. It involved lots of trial and error, some fun failures and finally some success.

We started with glasses. By adding aluminum foil in the glasses we were able to get some of the powder to stick to the glass. But not quite as much as we’d hoped so we added some salt water and that did the trick. After curing the powder coat we applied a vinyl sticker to protect the red surface and then sandblasted the rest off.

Powder Coated Pint Glass Before Sandblasting

Powder Coated, Sand Blasted Pint Glass

After we made it through those first few experiments I wanted to try a few pyrex dishes. I have laser etched lots of pyrex dishes but how cool if I could add some color to the personalization? Here are the results

Powder Coated and Laser Etched Pyrex Dish

This was accomplished by applying a mask to the dish with vinyl that had an oval opening. The powder was applied and then cured. The vinyl was removed and then I used the laser to etch the name out of the glass.

Laser Etching the Powder Coat

I have run it through the over a few times to make sure the powder coat doesn’t have any issues. So far so good!

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