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I spend a lot of time teaching others how to quilt, sew and do other crafts. For some of it I am paid to teach but at least once a month I host a meetup called Make It Sew at TechShop in Round Rock. Several months ago a TechShop employee brought in a scrapbook that was given to him by a family member. It was in pretty bad shape as most of the pages were disintegrating. I was intrigued to see what was inside and as he opened it I squealed! It contained pages and pages and pages of old newspaper and magazine advertisements for quilting patterns from the 1930s! What a treasure!

Scrapbook Front

He kept the scrapbook as he wanted to scan it to document it for future generations. I felt very honored to have had the opportunity to thumb through it first.

Scrapbook SampleHe no longer works for TechShop and a few months ago he appeared at one of my Make It Sew meetups with the scrapbook in hand. Much to my surprise he gave it to me! He said he thought I would make more use of it and share it with others that might also treasure it. So, this is the first post of many to come in a series that will highlight each of the advertisements in the scrapbook. I look forward to sharing them with you and discussing them along the way. I hope to make some of the quilts and track how some of the designs are used today traditionally as well as adjusted for modern quilting tastes. Here’s the first one:

Rare Patchwork Quilts from Yesterday to You

Quaint Designs That Reflect the Artistry and Romance of a Colorful Day That is Revived! America’s Pioneer Needlewomen Bequeath These Choice Patters to You

Rare Patchwork Quilts Advertisement

For $0.65 in 1932, that’s about $8.40 today, you could receive not only a 1 year subscription to Woman’s World magazine but you’d also receive all 5 patterns for free! What a deal 🙂 Let’s talk about these 5 patterns. I love how familiar they are and we could walk into just about any local quilt shop and find all these patterns in one way or another still in print today.

No. 1 – The Double Wedding Ring

A double wedding ring is definitely on my quilting bucket list. In fact, it is pretty high up on the list. I love that you can still find people making this in the traditional format as well more modern spins. In fact, the best in show quilt “Double Edged Love” by Victoria Findlay Wolfe at Quiltcon 2013 in Austin was a modern interpretation of the Double Wedding Ring quilt. You can view it on her Blog»

No. 2 – The Pinwheel Star Quilt

I found this one interesting. Everything I’ve ever thought of a pinwheel isn’t this block. In fact, I’ve always thought of this one as a star block. I can’t wait to play with this idea on my own and see what I can come up with. Do you think this is a pinwheel or a star?

No. 3 – Flower Garden Quilt

Yay for hexies! I’ve recently learned to do English Paper Piecing. I sure hope I will find the stick-to-it-ive-ness to finish a full quilt. I’ve been laser cutting my paper and fabric to play with.

No. 4 – Dresden Plate Quilt

I love me some dresdens! In fact my Dresden Tutorial is one of the most popular on my blog! Get the free pattern.

No. 5 – Pomegranate Quilt

This appliqué pattern could be turned into something very fresh and modern with some fun colors and interesting layout. My mind is swimming with ideas to bring this one into the modern world. What would you do with it? I’d love to see your ideas!

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