Organizing my Quilting Patterns

I definitely have a problem. It’s called Pattern Hoarding. I can’t seem to shake my need to collect patterns, regardless of whether I need them or not! Now often I purchase a pattern because I fall in love with some fabric at a quilt store and rather than go home and pick a pattern then return to purchase the fabric, I just pick a new pattern and go home with the whole set.

Recently I decided it was time to actually take control of this problem of mine. Now you may be thinking I’ve found someway to stop myself from buying more. But no, that’s not fun… instead I have found a way to organize my patterns and have a record of them no matter where I go and in the case of being at the store and in love with fabric, I can open an app of my phone and find how much I need.

I am using a database tool called Bento, which is a very user friendly, consumer focused product that is available for the iPhone, iPad and any OSX computer. I can even sync between the phone and my desktop computer. Using the camera on my phone I took a picture of the front and back of each pattern allowing me to see what the quilt looks like as well as the fabric requirements. I then used a pre-made bento database for sewing patterns.

Here is a glimpse at what I see on the phone:

Sample Bento Database of Quilting Patterns
Sample Bento Database of Quilting Patterns

It took me a few hours to get them all added but it was well worth the effort. I have used it multiple times already!

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