Quilting Bee

Are you a member of a quilting bee? I wasn’t but one of my goals for the year was to immerse myself in all things quilting and in January I joined 2 guilds and visited several others to find the right fit. The first guild meeting I attended was the Austin Area Quilt Guild. A girlfriend came with me, figuring we’d have power in numbers. Much to our glee, someone met us in the parking lot, showed us the tricks to making our way to the meeting and then introduced us around and made sure we felt welcomed. I joined that night.

As I learned more I was intrigued by the idea of joining a bee. I had heard of them but never participated. As I tried to find one that fit my geography and schedule I found that they were in short supply… so I started one 🙂

At our first meeting I prepared a keynote presentation with an agenda I displayed on the TV so we could determine what type of Bee we will be. We discussed how often we’d meet, if we want to work on projects as a group or individuals, when we’d meet and if there would be food involved. In the end we decided to meet once a month, work on our own projects and to make the group about quilting and fellowship rather than food and drink. I have already learned so much from the amazing ladies in the bee.

We also named our bee… So you can call us “Sew What? A bee with an attitude!” I made us a little logo so we could have our own acrylic templates and t-shirts to represent ourselves as a fun group! Sew What?

Based on my short experience so far I highly recommend you become part of bee if you have the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to start one either. I have learned, laughed and grown so much in just a few short months. If you have a bee, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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